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I am absolutely in love with this recipe! I’ve tried a couple variations to get the flavor just right and I have to say…this is IT! This tofu isn’t overly spicy because the mayo mellows it out. And by adding the white pepper to the tofu before cooking, it gives it an extra tasty flavor with each bite!

Is Vegan Bang Bang Tofu spicy?

As someone who is a spice addict, I have to say that this recipe is on the mellow side. BUT if you are super sensitive to spice, start with less sriracha and then add more to taste.

The vegan mayo really lessens the spice factor and also creates a really great delicious creamy flavor. It might sound weird to coat tofu in a mayo sauce, but trust me, it is delicious!

What type of tofu should I use?

You definitely need to use extra firm tofu when making Vegan Bang Bang Tofu. It is the best type of tofu to use when you want crispy tofu.

And crispy tofu is a must for this recipe – it has to stand up to being dunked in sauce after being baked. So be sure to double check the type of tofu you are using beforehand.

How to serve Vegan Bang Bang Tofu

This tofu is best served right away – although I will say that I wasn’t mad about eating leftovers. I like to serve mine over hot rice with green onions and sesame seeds.

You could also bulk this up by adding roasted veggies!

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